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Learning, nutrition and overall health form three pillars for a child’s overall development and growth. One of the three pillars, nutrition, is important at every stage of a child’s development. Nutrients help our children to stay healthy and strong. A healthy and balanced meal has many benefits for our children including; stabilised energy levels, improved concentration, regulation of moods and maintaining healthy body weight.


At Kleutermaatjies we follow a balanced menu which has been developed by a registered dietitian, to ensure that we not only provide food that ensures optimal development but also helps to establish a foundation for a healthy eating habit for life.

About our dietitian:

Elmari Carelse is a Registered Dietitian who qualified from North-West University, Potchefstroom. 

She completed her community service at FH Odendaal Hospital where she worked closely with surgical, medical and paediatric patients in a clinical setting.  She has a clinical background being based in public and private hospitals since graduating.


Elmari is passionate about the field of Nutrition & Dietetics.  She values a holistic approach, high-quality care and individualised nutrition education. She really enjoys working with clients on a the one-to-one basis to help them to find an enjoyable and sustainable way of eating that supports long-term health.


“At the end of the day, you need to have a good relationship with food.  It should be a lifestyle, not a ‘diet’!”


Elmari specializes in weight loss, gut health, infant feeding, paediatrics nutrigenomics, polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), intolerances and chronic disease management. She is very passionate about spreading evidence-based nutrition messages.


“Eat fact, not fiction!”

Our Menu

mobile: 072 447 0165


Dietician approved:

Elmari Carelse (RD) SA

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