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Daily Programmes

Nursery 1 & 2

(3 - 18 months)

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Nursery 3 (19 - 24 months) &

Gr. RRRR - Gr. R (coming soon)

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Children's Storybooks

Reading is a powerful ability to unlock a world of knowledge and endless possibilities through print. Reading involves making use of two remarkable abilities in the human brain; (1) Vision and (2) Language. The ability to read is not something that we are born with, the human brain did not evolve to read. This explains why reading is something that needs to be taught. Furthermore, this also clarifies why children might struggle with reading. Reading is one of the most researched aspects of human cognition, this comes as no surprise as reading affects all other areas of academic performance and a skill needed to be able to navigate our daily lives. 


At Kleutermaatjies we foster the importance of reading to our children and always strive to motivate parents to read with their children as much as possible. We use Tippie readers to read to our children in a language of your choice, it is available in Afrikaans, English, isiZulu and isiXhosa. These reading materials are available online and easily accessible for parents who want to read along at home.


Extra Murals

Extra Murals


Rina Reinecke (owner)

083 458 4777

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On Pointe Ballet Studio 

Suemae Stiglingh 

076 156 3561 

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Playball Menlo

Bernadette Vincent

082 375 4516

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Dolphin Swimming School 

012 430 6554

Crescendo Kids

Annika Brits 082 854 3585 

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Box of Crayons


4 Focus Domains:


1. Development of cognitive skills and an understanding of the world we live in:


Numeracy, language and perceptual development are the areas that make up this section of our outcomes. Numeracy looks at the understanding of numbers, number recognitions, shapes, patterns and other mathematical concepts. Language and literacy is aimed at laying the foundation for reading, writing and being able to express yourself verbally and through text. 



2. Creativity and Self-expression 


This area of development focuses on music, arts and craft and the learners' abilities to express themselves through creative mediums. This area provides endless opportunities for learners to uniquely express themselves whilst being fun and engaging.

3. Well Being: Developing a balanced and healthy lifestyle

Fine motor and gross motor skills are important for a child’s overall development. We focus on developing our big muscle groups with weekly gross motor activities as well as abundance of outdoor free play. Fine motor skills focus on the development of small muscle groups in our hands. This is important for further development of the correct pencil grip and writing skills. We do daily activities such as sensory play bins, lacing, tearing paper and playdough to name a few to work on this important skill. 

4. Development of emotional intelligence and life skills

It is fundamentally important to ensure that our children understand the world we live in. This area of development covers emotional intelligence and life skills. In life skills we learn skills like working with money, how to call emergency services, how to keep my personal belongings safe and many more everyday skills we use. Emotional intelligence is focused on equipping our children with the necessary skills to be able to handle any situation they are in by being able to understand and respond appropriately. This also covers skills like self-regulation, empathy for others and self-awareness.

Assessment Outcoms

Support Services

Suppot Services

At Crayon Kids Academy, we're dedicated to providing comprehensive support for our learners. We offer on-site Occupational Therapy and Speech Therapy services, ensuring that every child's unique needs are addressed effectively and conveniently within our school community. Occupational therapy helps children with motor and sensory challenges, while speech therapy aids in improving communication skills. These services empower our learners to thrive and reach their full potential.


Speech Therapist:


Marike Ueckermann


Speech-Language Therapist and Audiologist

079 5295366

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Occupational Therapist:


Carrolien Bornman

083 309 7526

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Emergency Services

Hennie Joubert

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