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Nikita is a BE.d Foundation Phase graduate from the  NWU (Potchefstroom) and completed her Post Graduate studies in Learning support at the NWU (Potchefstroom).


She started her career as a preschool teacher and was fascinated by the development of preschool children. She also worked with learners who had different learning disabilities. After that, she left the mainstream teaching space to specialise in teaching learners on the Autism Spectrum. She formed part of a team of specialists who focussed on the development and educational outcomes for non-verbal Autistic learners. She was involved in numerous educational projects including curriculum development for Foundation Phase learners and in the Early Childhood development field.

Nikita is passionate about Education and holistic development of young minds. She understands the complexity of the development of a young child’s mind and the impact it has on the future of a child’s schooling career.

Nikita Rika Pretorius

BE.d Foundation Phase

BE.d Honours Learning support

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